Cletronics will manufacture your toroids, air coils, rod inductors and other simple or complex wound coils. If you have a design problem, our engineers can help. With over 40 years experience making complex designs, even the most difficult project is possible at Cletronics.

Technical Capabilities

Low-frequency inductors (5OHz / 60Hz / 400Hz) using tape wound cores (with assorted mixture of alloys in various shapes & sizes) & laminated steel (grain / non-grain oriented).

Power inductors using powder iron / moly-permalloy for switch-mode power supplies, output filters and inductors with d.c.bias.

High-frequency inductors up to 500kHz using ferrite cores of various sizes & shapes such as Pot / E / UI / EC / ETD.

Cletronics is ready to assist you in solving your most complicated problems. Contact Us for more information about various types of inductors, chokes and reactors or any other solutions Cletronics can provide you with.