Transformers Technical Capabilities

General Purpose & Special Purpose Dry Type Low-Frequency Transformers
  1. Frequency range; 5OHz / 60Hz / 400Hz 1-phase or 3-phase
  2. Class B / F / H insulation systems
  3. Conform to military or commercial requirements
  4. Power range: Fraction of a VA up to 45KVA
  5. Mounting style: Brackets / Channel frame / Base plate and custom designs
  6. Construction: Lamination / Tape wound
  7. Application: Power / control / rectifier / linear or non-linear loads
  8. Termination: Self leads / leads / terminals and custom designs
  9. Impregnation: Air-dry varnish / vacuum pressure system / oven cured
Hi-frequency Power Transformers
  1. Tape wound cores (including C-cores / E-cores / toroids) with materials including but not limited to orthonol / permalloy / supermendur for frequency ranges between 100Hz and 40kHz
  2. Ferrite cores in a variety of materials with different shapes & sizes for frequency range between 20kHz and 250kHz